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Current Projects

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Project 236340

Course Requirements

Network First report


System Project Review

A must - Done with the Instructor

Computer Project presentation (Example)


Accessories Final report and Code

10% (Another example of Final Report)

Satelite First Report Example
First Report Presentation Example



Network First report (Example)

Submitted 3 weeks after the opening lecture

System Project Review

Done with the Instructor 6 weeks after the First Report

Computer Project presentation (Example)

Done 2 weeks after the review, after fixing the remarks and preparing the final report according to the instructions given at the review).

Accessories Latency

A project that will not be ready on time will get a penalty of 5 points a week. Only 4 weeks of latency are allowed.


First Report

This report is the Top Level Design of the project and includes the following:
Chip Description of the interfaces needed.
Chip Description of the algorithm design.
Chip Description of the data structures.
Chip Description of the processes and tasks.
Chip Description of the modules.
Chip Description of the functions.
Chip Time table and milestones.

The report is submitted and presented in a meeting with the course lecturer and instructors.

Be aware that any copyrighted material such as pictures, figures, code etc. is not used in your project and your documentation.

First Report Example

First Report Presentation Example

Satelite Note :
This report is extremely important. It should include a full design of your project so that all is left to do is simply writing the code.


Final Report

The final report explains what has been done and how. The submission of the report should be as an HTML files. You should create a directory where you will place an HTML file with a short description of your project and a link to the project home page. The project home page contains full description of the project, links to the first report, the code files, WWW important links, and should cover all the material that was handed in the hard copy document. The HTML report should be ready to be copied to the Lab directory when the project presentation takes place.

Be aware that any copyrighted material such as pictures, figures, code etc. is not used in your project and your documentation.

Graph Presentations
  • It is important to use proportional (normalized) metrics in the graphs, like load (between 0 and 1) and hit ratio in % for example.
  • In addition, to receive a general behavior of your output, each instance should be run many times in order to compensate for possible statistical errors.
  • We do not need for example a graph whose x-axis or y-axis is TB (Tera Byte) or Mb/s or number of users etc, bout only proportional (normalized) metrics.


Project Presentation

The project will be presented and demonstrated during a presentation session in the Lab. All of you should attend.
The presentation + demo should take about 45 minutes. It should contain about 10 slides describing the problem the solution and the results, as well as important details in your implementation. At this stage you may want to give a short demo of your implementation. Then we expect an extensive discussion of your tests and their results including your conclusions. One or two slides regarding open questions is also applicable at the end.