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Professor Danny Raz

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Senior Researcher - LCCN

Professor Danny Raz
Prof. Danny Raz
Senior Researcher

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Phone Phone: +972-4-8294938
Fax Fax: +972-4-8294353
Phone Home: +972-4-6440158
Room Office: room 512, Taub Bldg.,
Department of Computer Science,
Haifa 32000, Israel
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  • Office hours: (winter 2010-11)
    Sunday 13:00-14:30.
  • Graduate studies: (in room 035)
    Tuesday 11:00-12:00.

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I got my Ph.D. in 1996 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Weizmann Institute of Science. After that, I was a visiting lecture at the U.C. Berkeley and a post-doctoral fellow at the International Computer Science Institute, (ICSI) Berkeley, CA. Before joining the CS faculty, I was a Member of the Technical staff, at the Networking Research Laboratory at Bell labs, Lucent Technologies.
You can go to my page there, and read about my past activities.
Recently, I spent a year on a Sabbatical at Google Mountain View.


My main research interests are the theory and applications of management related problems in IP networks. In particular I am working in the following directions :

Satelite Efficient Network and System Management

Satelite Network aware services and Programmable Networks

Satelite Wireless and cellular networks

Satelite Theory of network and system management

Satelite QoS routing, Network location problems, and other network related optimization problems

You can find my CV here, recent Publications (not updated) here and the students I'm working with here.


Satelite Current courses: Introduction to Computer Networks (Spring 2010).

Satelite Past courses: Efficient Network Management (236635 Advanced Topics in Communication Networks) (Winter 2009-2010).


Radar I am part of the Computer Networking Lab in our department.

Radar I am a TPC co-chair for IM 2009.

Radar I am part of the Technion team in the EU 4WARDS and BioNets projects.

Radar I was a TPC co-chair for MMNS 2007 holds as part of Manweek 2007.

Radar I am an editor in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN).

Radar I lead the Technion team in the CONTEXT project. In this project we developed DINA, - a programable network level control sytem. (DINA is based on ABLE devoloped together with Yuval Shavitt in Bell-Labs. You can download it from here).

Radar I was a co-organizer (together with John Byers and Yuval Shavitt) of the DIMACS Workshop on Internet and WWW Measurement, Mapping and Modeling, February 13-15, 2002.

Radar I was the general chair for OpenArch 2000, and served in the program committees for Manny conferences including: IM 2001 - 2005, IWAN 2001,2005, INFOCOM 2002-2003, NOMS 2002-2006, and many others.

Graduate Students

Current Students :

Chip Assaf Rappaport (M.Sc.)

Chip Amir Nahir (PhD. with Ariel Orda EE)

Past Students :

Chip Roni Ram (M.Sc. graduation 11/2002)

Chip Evgeny Panman (M.Sc. graduation 6/2003)

Chip David Breitgand (Ph.D. with Danny Dolev HUJI, graduation 10/2003)

Chip Rami Cohen (M.Sc. graduation 4/2004)

Chip Vladimir Getselevich (M.Sc. graduation 4/2004)

Chip Alexander Dvorkin (M.Sc. graduation 9/2004)

Chip Alina Naimark (M.Sc. graduation 10/2004)

Chip Constantine Elster (M.Sc. graduation 11/2004)

Chip Saar Pilosof ((M.Sc. graduation 9/2005)

Chip Asaf Henning (M.Sc. graduation 11/2005)

Chip Gabriel Scalosub (PhD. with Seffi Naor, graduation 1/2007)

Chip Arie Orlovsky (M.Sc. graduation 1/2008)

Chip Rami Cohen (PhD. graduation 1/2008)

Chip Dudu Amzallag (PhD. with Seffi Naor, graduation 2/2008)

Chip Aez-Alden Mahameed (M.Sc. with Reuven Cohen, graduation 3/2009)